Tiya Joan

Tiya Joan (real name Tiyamike Joan Mwale) is a Christian rapper, singer and poet. She uses her music and poetry as a way of expressing her freedom in Christ, the struggles she faces as a Christian and as a way of reaching out to others with the gospel of Christ.

Tiya Joan was an integral member of a group called Kingdom Movement (KMT) which has recently released a 9 track album titled Mission-Ally where she is featured on 3 songs. The group uses music and urban art forms as a tool for preaching the gospel in secondary schools around the college campus.

She released her first spoken word project, Fierce Redemption, under Essence Music. Fierce Redemption is a very personal project as it expresses her faith journey as well as her life journey. The project was recorded and produced by well known producer, AK.

Despite being described as laidback and down to earth, her performances are always marked with passion and energy. A reflection of her zealous artistic inclination.

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